Metropolitan Area Network & Backhaul Now Delivering World-Class Broadband in Claremorris

July 15, 2011

On 17 June 2011, Minister Pat Rabbitte switched on a world-class telecoms and high-speed broadband system, called a Metropolitan Area Network, which delivers reliable, high-speed, secure connectivity to the Internet for Claremorris.

Watch the video here and view the photos here.

The MAN is now being used to stream the Internet at lightning speed to the town’s biggest employers, CBE Software and DeCare, and to Mayo County Council.

Commenting on the announcement, Chamber President Eugene Waldron said: “This is a red-letter day for Claremorris. The town is fully enabled for broadband 100 times faster than the typical internet connection. Jobs that depend on lightning-fast, affordable broadband are waiting to be won. The MAN is a priceless asset that will help Claremorris compete on the world stage. The Chamber will hunt hard for high-end jobs that will keep our kids here and our community strong”, he said.

The new network is thanks to the combined efforts of Claremorris Chamber of Commerce, e|net, IDA Ireland, Magnet Networks and Mayo County Council, a point echoed by the Minister. “Broadband is the key to inward investment in the regions”, he said. “Here in Claremorris, the Chamber, the Council and individual companies got together to make sure the project became a reality as quickly as possible. I am sure it’s a model that will work well in other towns across Ireland.”

Maureen Walsh, CEO of DeCare Dental Insurance Ireland, and Gerry Concannon, CEO of CBE Software, said the MAN is vital to the success of their firms. Ms Walsh said it could help DeCare grow jobs by 10%. Mr Concannon said it ensured his company’s R&D centre and global software hub could be located in Claremorris which, he said, was well positioned to become the Silicon Valley of Ireland.

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