Green Mile & Land of the Giants

September 15, 2011

Claremorris Tourist Town TreeA Green Mile of peaceful, easy feelings for the big people and a great adventure in a Land of Giants for the little ones.

From the hallowed turf of the GAA to the birthplace of Sir John Gray, through a Forest Greenway and a strange land of giant wellies and a huge chair. Morris and Clare live there but no one has ever seen them.

Your walking adventure starts in the birthplace of Connaught GAA, the focal point for an array of top-flight facilities for Football, Handball, Racquetball, Squash, Soccer, Rugby, Athletics, Swimming, Equestrian, Golf, Cycling and Angling.

Just a few steps from there to the Town Library, a historic cut-stone building donated to the community by the Church of Ireland, which sits alongside a modern new swimming pool and leisure centre, just recently completed.

Onwards through Dalton Street, named after one of the town’s most famous sons, Cardinal John Dalton, you reach Market Square, a stone’s throw from the home of another famous son, Sir John Gray, who brought “a splendid supply of pure water” to Dublin through the dams, pipes and filters of his beloved Vartry Water Scheme.

Next, turn right for the railway station, one of the largest in the country, connecting two arteries, Dublin-Wesport-Ballina, and the Western Corridor between Galway and Sligo, which the Chamber and others are campaigning to have re-opened.

Continue to Clare Lake, the parkland generously donated by local families and lovingly restored by local people. Everywhere is evidence of a two-decade effort to create a fabulous family amenity. A new extension has been created to form a Forest Greenway extending the walkway and cycleway with a 5km forest loop.

You’re now in the Land of the Giants, Morris and Clare. Will you see them?! Check back soon to see if they’re on our Flickr Photostream. And if you see them first, send us a picture!

10 minute FREE parking in Claremorris

September 9, 2011

Following on from the Shopping Survey conducted earlier in the year  the Chamber have been actively working with Mayo County Council to improve parking in the town centre.  There is now 10 minutes free parking on street in Claremorris before you need to purchase a ticket and once a ticket is purchased you are free to use it on any street in the town for the duration of the ticket.

Welcoming the news, Chamber President, Eugene Waldron said ” that the Chamber of Commerce wish to acknowledge Mayo County Council in granting 10 minutes on street free parking in the town.  This will assist in maintaining and increasing the footfall to the Town Centre”. In particular, the Chamber wish to thank the local councilors  – Cllr. Richard Finn and Cllr. Tom Connolly in this regard.

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