$300m undersea fibre-optic cable to connect to Claremorris

December 10, 2011

Claremorris is set to get connected to the new $300m transatlantic fibre optic telecommunications cable linking the US and Canada directly to the UK and Europe via County Mayo.

Welcoming the news, the Chamber of Commerce says it strengthens the town’s position for inward investment, especially for high-tech companies that depend on world-class telecoms.

With a Metropolitan Area Network already delivering lightning-fast, fail-safe broadband to the two big high-tech employers in Claremorris, CBE and DeCare Dental Insurance, the stage is now set for a determined push for new broadband-hungry industries in cloud computing, data centres and gaming software. These companies will have instant access, both to the existing gigabit speeds already available in Claremorris and to speeds measured in terabits per second from the undersea fibre optic cable.

Claremorris Chamber congratulates developers, Emerald Networks and PiPiper, and promoters Mayo County Council and the Department of Communications. This initiative consolidates the position of Claremorris at the intersection of the north-south and east-west arteries of fibre, electricity, road and rail infrastructures. Claremorris is also located just 30km (20 miles) from Ireland West Airport Knock.

If you’re wondering how an undesea fibre optic cable gets laid, there’s an interesting video right here.



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