Chamber Welcomes €20 million Cost Saving on Galway-Tuam Commuter Rail Link

March 13, 2013

 Press Release

Claremorris Chamber welcomes the 20 million euro cost saving to rebuild the Galway-Tuam commuter railway and the potential to rebuild the Galway-Mayo railway as a strategic freight corridor with future passenger potential.

The positive developments taking place with the planned rebuilding of the rail line from Limerick to Foynes port now provide a solid business case to rebuild the Galway-Mayo rail line, given the high volumes of rail freight being exported from County Mayo.

Claremorris Chamber recently completed the Land Of The Giants Greenway, a project which has been hugely successful. However we would oppose any proposal for Greenway development on the Western Rail Corridor as short-sighted, given the mistakes made in the past of removing tram rail lines from our cities, many of which now have to be restored at a cost of billions of euro.

Given the strategic importance of Ireland West Airport to this region and the 900,000 bed nights resulting from passengers flying into the airport, now may be the time to plan for a future rail link into the airport along this North-South route, which connects 5 of 6 of Irelands largest cities on the Western Arc from Cork to Belfast.

Irelands Western Arc Map

Difficult economic times require long term strategic vision in order to place Ireland on a path to recovery.


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