Silverbridge Centre Works Completed

September 18, 2013

The Silverbridge Centre in Claremorris, spruced up just a year after Claremorris Chamber of Commerce brokered a deal involving NAMA,Mayo County Council and Conway Builders to have the derelict area cleared and landscaped. There is new hoarding around the building, a new footpath crosses the green area, and a knee-high wooden fence now circles the site. “The link between town centre and shopping centre is restored,” says Claremorris Chamber president Jimmy Flynn. “This is good for the commercial fabric of Claremorris and the shopping experience in Claremorris. There’s a wide-open green space here for a big crowd. All we need now is the Sam Maguire!”

Before Silverbridge Work sliverbridge work completed

Pictured as the finishing touches are applied are Eugene Waldron, Jimmy Flynn and Sheila Hunt of Claremorris Chamber.

Look out for the zebra

September 12, 2013

The Beatles brought international fame to the zebra crossing in 1969 with their album cover, now a new crossing launched this week will help to keep school pupils and other pedestrians safe on the busy Claremorris town.AO6U3520 Ped Cross past and pres Claremorris fi

The zebra crossing was officially opened Thursday 5th September  by members of Mayo County Council, An Taisce, An Garda Síochána and pupils from local Schools.

Noel Gibbons Road Safety Officer said “The pedestrian crossing or zebra crossing, is intended to guarantee pedestrians and wheelchair users a safe way of crossing the road. Unfortunately, accidents at zebra crossings are all too common nationwide so extra care and a better understanding of zebra crossing is called for.”AO6U3524 Crossing updated

 This crossing has black and white stripes (like a zebra) with orange flashing beacons at each end. A Zebra crossing gives the pedestrian right of way once their foot is on the crossing. However pedestrians must make sure that all the traffic has stopped before crossing and they should keep looking and listening as they cross.

Garda Superintendent Joe Doherty “Pedestrians and motorists are equally responsible for pedestrian safety .Pedestrians can’t do much to improve a driver’s habits, just like drivers can’t do anything about pedestrian behaviours. We all must take responsibility to follow the law, pay attention and share the road”.

Jimmy Flynn President Claremorris Chamber said “We welcome any infrastructure that’s facilitates the free and safe movement of people within our town and may attract more customers to a pedestrian friendly town.”  

Safe crossing places

Zebra crossing

Use the following places to cross the road safely.

This is marked by yellow flashing beacons. The actual crossing area is marked by black and white ‘zebra’ stripes.



Drivers must stop to let you cross. As they approach the crossing, they should slow and be prepared to stop. They must stop behind the stop line if there is one and must not enter any part of the crossing.


Drivers must not overtake or park within areas covered by zig-zag markings on either side of the crossing. You do not have the right-of-way over other traffic until you actually step onto the crossing. Never step onto the crossing if this would cause a driver to brake or swerve suddenly.

  • You must not cross within the area marked by zig-zag white lines if these are provided on either side of a zebra crossing. If they are not provided, you must not cross within 15 metres of the crossing.
  • If there is a central island, treat each side as a separate crossing.
  • Always watch carefully for approaching traffic. Place one foot on the crossing to indicate that you wish to cross. Wait until traffic has stopped before you start crossing.


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