Galway County Council vote to Protect Rail Infrastructure – Oct 2017

October 3, 2017

Claremorris Chamber of Commerce welcomes the decision of the elected members of Galway County Council to protect and preserve the Western Rail Corridor for development as critical infrastructure.

This outcome is pivotal to the future development of the west.
Were the WRC to be ripped up for a greenway, it would be a most serious setback for the region at a time when an Atlantic Economic Corridor is being planned.

To develop the western region to its full potential, we need a spine of top quality infrastructure – including road, rail, broadband and electricity. The vote by Galway County Council is a vital part of ensuring that existing infrastructure is protected.
Here in Claremorris County Mayo, we have developed a 5 km greenway as a result of strong community effort and support from Mayo County Council. In fact, our town’s greenway is about to get a 3 km extension.
Most important of all, it goes nowhere near the town’s railway which proves that a greenway can be developed without tearing up transport infrastructure.

We would be delighted to share our experience in developing this greenway as we believe there is huge potential for Tuam and many other locations to develop a similar kind of amenity without interfering with the railway.

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