Canney Welcomes Progress with The Western Rail Corridor – 17 Aug 2018

August 17, 2018

Deputy Seán Canney has received confirmation that the Western Rail Corridor Phase 2&3 review is progressing.
‘This review is part of the Programme for Government and is also part of the National Development Plan. I understand that the Minister for Transport Shane Ross has commenced the review. The review will entail an examination of the cost of the project coupled with the potential for development opportunities for the West.

Phase 2 and Phase 3 includes the extension northwards of the Western Rail Corridor from Athenry to Tuam and onto Claremorris.
The review will carry out the appraisal of the missing link in Ireland’s Rail infrastructure and the benefits this project can deliver.
‘I further understand that the review will be vetted independently by consultants who will be appointed by the Department of Transport. Iarnród Éireann will prepare the financial and economic appraisal on the proposal. They will conduct a broad consultation with key stakeholders. The Department will engage appropriate transport and economic expertise to review the appraisal’

The Programme for Government commits to having an Independent review and the National Development Plan commits to moving on this work immediately.
As stated in the National Development Plan the findings of the review will be brought to Government for approval and if approved the project will be prioritised under the National Development Plan.
‘I have received written confirmation from the Taoiseach of his commitment to have the independent review undertaken and that if the findings of the review are approved by Government the project will be prioritised and advanced. The Taoiseach has also highlighted that the Western Rail Corridor Phase 2 from Athenry to Tuam and Phase 3 to Claremorris could play an important role in the Atlantic Economic Corridor.

The project has been described by the Chair of the Atlantic Economic Corridor task force subcommittee on infrastructure as a ‘No Brainer’.
The recent developments on Brexit have also created an additional consideration that needs close examination.
The review will consider potential rail business for commuters, freight and tourism. It will also look at the positive impact of Rail on carbon savings.

‘I look forward to the review and I urge the Department to work with all haste to complete the review. We do not need any further delays if we are to achieve our goal in Government of balanced regional development’



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