Claremorris Gift Vouchers

Wondering what gift to give?

Would you like to keep business local and jobs local?

The Claremorris Gift Voucher is exactly what you’re looking for!

‘Shop Claremorris’ vouchers are an initiative of Claremorris Chamber of
Commerce. Available to purchase at St Colman’s Credit Union or online
via in values of €10, €20 and €50, and
accepted by participating outlets in the Claremorris area.

Benefits for your Business

  • Help to support all local businesses
  • Easy to join – no fees or commissions
  • Attract customers to spend locally
  • Revenue generated stays in Claremorris
  • Targeted promotion for all businesses
  • Be part of a community campaign
  • Everyone benefits
  • Act collectively
  • Think local first

Small Benefit Exemption Scheme

Claremorris Chamber of Commerce vouchers qualify under the Small
Benefit Exemption Scheme. Employers can give vouchers up to a
maximum of €1,000 per employee as a one-off benefit in a tax year
without incurring liability for Income Tax, USC or PRSI (Employers or

By choosing a Claremorris ‘Shop Local’ voucher, you are supporting local
businesses in the Claremorris area. Your employees benefit from being
able to redeem the vouchers in local outlets, right on their doorstep!

We would welcome your support by encouraging your employees to
shop locally in Claremorris.

Buy them now! Use them any time!

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