Welcome to Claremorris Chamber

We are an umbrella group of people and businesses dedicated to developing and enhancing the commercial and community life of Claremorris and area.

Our Mission

The Claremorris Chamber is dedicated to advancing the prosperity and vitality of Claremorris as a vibrant place to live, play, work, and conduct business.

We are committed to fostering the long-term economic growth, prosperity and lifestyle of Claremorris and area. In collaboration with relevant national, regional, and local entities, we endeavour to create, enhance, and maintain an environment conducive to the enhancement of local businesses, industries, commerce, community organisations and amenities. Through the provision of effective and efficient services, we aim to empower our business community to thrive, innovate, and gain a competitive edge, while also attracting new investment and opportunities to Claremorris with the overall goal of creating a lifestyle community.